Jeepers the Kangaroo

Jeepers the Kangaroo During the 1940s an unusual mascot of sorts called the Home Coming grounds home. This is the story of the Jeepers the Kangaroo, who was obtained up by Staff Sergeant Lester C. Couch while stationed in Australia during WWII. He was sent to Elkin, NC to be a pet for his younger brother Coney. Later, Jeepers would be moved to the NC Zoo to live out his years.

From a Winston-Salem Journal article dated 1942.
Staff Sgt. L.C Couch (pictured)

A Northwest North Carolina soldier is receiving nation-wide publicity this week. He is Staff Sergeant Lester C. Couch, son of Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Couch of Elkin, and nephew of Dr. V. F. Couch of Winston-Saelm, who is pictured in the "In the animal Corner" of the widely circulated New York Sunday News. Staff Sergeant Couch is holding a small Kangaroo and the caption below the picture says "An armful. That's what this kangaroo makes from Staff Sergeant Lester C. Couch, of the ferry command, who brought the animal from Australia as a pet for his brother Coney, 13, at Elkin, N.C. Creature kicked up a fuss by escaping in San Francisco, but Couch recaptured it." Staff Sergeant Counch joined the army air corps in July 1940, with the ferry command. He was formerly stationed at Hamilton Field, Calif. Before going to California, he was in training at Bolling Field, Wachington, D.D., and the New England Aircraft School in Boson, Mass.

Elkin Soldier Gets Kangaroo in Australia In the Animal Corner - Oct. 18, 1942 from New York Sunday News Baby Jeepers on the car with Lester Couch Baby Jeepers gets a nibble from Lester Couch Baby Jeepers eating in the yard Baby Jeepers in the yard Baby Jeepers with Dr. Couch Baby Jeepers with Mrs. Couch Baby Jeepers with Coney Couch Jeepers goes to the zoo Jeepers all grown up! Coney Couch In Uniform Coney and Bobbi Couch Early photo of Dr. Couch Early photo of Mrs. Couch
Sketch of Home Coming in Elkin, NC

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