Visits, Reservations, and Events Are Paused while Sam and Deborah, Prayerfully, Lovingly and Carefully, Nurture Each Other and Enjoy Home Coming, Their Private Home For a Time.

Our Story

Sketch of Home Coming in Elkin, NC Celebrating 20+ Years of Christian Stewardship!

Welcome to Home Coming, a lovingly-restored turn of the century arts and crafts bungalow with a rich history passed along from one family to another. It's the perfect location for all your special occasions!

Our historic beauty is ideally suited for elegant events, intimate social gatherings, couples get-togethers, and celebrations with friends and quests. It is filled with intricate stone works and decorative craftsmanship featuring Coin Corners, Jack Arches, and Roll Banks. This 4-bedroom, 4-bath stone masonry home is nestled at the foot of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains in the heart of the North Carolina Wine Country and close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. You are just minutes away from numerous vineyards, wineries, and state parks as well as walking distance to Historic Downtown Elkin, Reeves Theater, local restaurants, and walking trails.

Hosts William "Sam" and Deborah R. Swift invite you to experience the area's most luxurious yet comfortable accommodation.

We are located at 608 North Bridge Street, Elkin, NC 28621.

Visits, Reservations, and Events Are Paused while Sam and Deborah, Prayerfully, Lovingly and Carefully, Nurture Each Other and Enjoy Home Coming, Their Private Home For a Time.

Sumptuous Food

Deborah has hung up her apron but the delicious foods live on as tasty memories. These recipes are available for your Chef or caterer to cook up for your next event at our humble facility. Take a look at some of our past dishes in our GALLERY!

The Story Behind Home Coming

Long ago   when North Bridge was a one lane dirt street a young couple bought land a what was then the very Northern end of Elkin, a place that was considered at that time to be an almost remote country location. The time is…1923. A successful young dentist and his wife planed and dreamed of a wonderful unique home that would be beautiful and stand the test of time. The fruition of their dreams was a classic arts and crafts bungalow made of stone from... and unique and exquisite features new to the area and the period and time. Observe the Intricate rock work and with light colors granite jack arches over the windows around the doors, coin corners and roll bands accenting darker stone, the facial gables done in creek stone and the grape vine mortar pattern.

Sleeping comfortably   waiting for love appreciation and care, this grand lady captured again the hearts and dreams of another young couple. As Realtors® for the original owners family Sam and Deborah Swift faced a challenge not uncommon for grand old homes, the once quiet end of north bridge street grew to a highly commercialized area with high traffic and high priced commercial land. The home stood on land that was more valuable without the historic dream home. Although Sam and Deborah worked very hard to produce a high price for this unique and historic home and its huge commercial lot the right buyer did not come. The family and the Swift secretly cringed at the thought of the home being destroyed for just another commercial venture.

Both prayed   for someone to love, protect and restore the home. As time passed the home began to weep for care and necessities something had to happen or it would be too late to save her.

The Swifts and the Couch family   had developed a close friendship over the years and spoke honestly and prayerfully with each other about what to do.

The family decided   that if someone restored the home that they would consider a different arrangement and the family share their ideas.

Sam and Deborah's hearts leap   with hope and everyone decided to pray and if it were meant to be the Swifts would borrow the money and buy the home. Still young but becoming successful it was a very scary and hard step …Sam and Deborah had renovated many, many other homes and had already completed a huge seven year restoration of another tired beauty . The Charleston Style Victorian restored to perfection which they enjoy today as their office at 243 North Bridge Street in Elkin.

But, the Rock house   is the largest and one of the most important project Sam and Deborah had ever faced. They understood the challenge and approached the project prayerfully and in October of 1998 Sam and Deborah bought the home and began the loving and careful restoration. The renovation expresses all the love, dedication and careful attention to detail the original owners instilled when this opulent home was built in the spirit of...

Home…… a love filled safe and happy haven to rest, relax and enjoy... sights and sounds and smells, tastes and feelings that return you to a place and time when people took time for one another and expressed openly their care and kindness... where traditions were made and passed forward so the next generations could understand the comforts of Grandma's rocking chair... the joy of music and singing at the piano... playing simple games... tales of the likes of childhood adventures... naps in Papa's easy chair... romps in the flower garden... sunsets from the porch.

Psalms 145: 14
“The Lord Is Faithful To All His Promises and Loving Towards all He Has Made.”

So the holy one
to be born will be called
the Son of God.
Luke 1:35

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

2 table spoons coco • 2 ¼ cups flour • 1 ½ cup sugar • 1 stick of butter
2 eggs • 2oz red food coloring • 1 tablespoon vanilla • 1 cup butter milk.

Cream the butter and sugar. Add the coco. Add flour and alternate butter milk with flour while mixing. End with flour. (dry, wet, dry, wet, etc.). In a separate cup, mix 1 teaspoon baking soda (preferably Arm & Hammer brand) with 1 tablespoon vinegar. Mix in a separate cup. Pour that into the batter and stir gently (do not use mixer for this step). Bake this in pre-greased and floured pan for about 25-30 minutes until done. Ovens may vary so test with a toothpick to insure it is done. When pulled out and is clean, then it's done.

For Fluffy White Icing...
1 ½ cups flour • ¾ cups milk • 1 box confectionary sugar
½ cup Crisco • 1 table spoon vanilla

Take the ¾ cups milk and cook over low heat until thick set and let cool. Beat all at high speed for five minutes. Be generous when icing. Then coat with coconut. This cake is best if it sits overnight iced. Add the reds cherries on top just before serving.

The Story of the Red Velvet Cake
Red cherries commemorate Christ's drops of blood shed on Cavalry. The white fluffy icing symbolizes the rich goodness of God's love. The special vinegar and soda that make the cake rise commemorates Christ's death on the Cross as he was given vinegar, while soda commemorates the resurrection. The coconut represents us as sinners becoming clean by our salvation through the baby Jesus Christ.

May you and your family be blessed. This is a family tradition only served during the Holy Season celebrating the Birth of Christ.

Home is the heart of life
where we feel at ease.
where we belong.
Terence Conran

Sumptuous Food

Deborah has hung up her apron and no longer serves food. Please enjoy these photos of our sumptuous meals and glorious deserts from days gone past.
Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods Sumptuous Foods

All you need is love
But a little chocolate now and then
doesn't hurt.
Charles M. Schulz

Jeepers the Kangaroo

Jeepers the Kangaroo During the 1940s an unusual mascot of sorts called the Home Coming grounds home. Jeepers the Kangaroo was obtained by Staff Sergeant Lester C. Couch while stationed in Australia during WWII. He was sent to Elkin, NC to be a pet for his younger brother Coney. Later, Jeepers would be moved to the NC Zoo to live out his years. The tale of Jeepers the Kangaroo is just one chapter in the grand history of the Couch family and the Rock House, later renamed Home Coming.

From a Winston-Salem Journal article dated 1942.
Staff Sgt. L.C Couch (pictured)

A Northwest North Carolina soldier is receiving nation-wide publicity this week. He is Staff Sergeant Lester C. Couch, son of Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Couch of Elkin, and nephew of Dr. V. F. Couch of Winston-Salem, who is pictured in the "In the animal Corner" of the widely circulated New York Sunday News. Staff Sergeant Couch is holding a small Kangaroo and the caption below the picture says "An armful. That's what this kangaroo makes from Staff Sergeant Lester C. Couch, of the ferry command, who brought the animal from Australia as a pet for his brother Coney, 13, at Elkin, N.C. Creature kicked up a fuss by escaping in San Francisco, but Couch recaptured it." Staff Sergeant Counch joined the army air corps in July 1940, with the ferry command. He was formerly stationed at Hamilton Field, Calif. Before going to California, he was in training at Bolling Field, Wachington, D.D., and the New England Aircraft School in Boson, Mass.

Early photo of Dr. Couch Early photo of Mrs. Couch
Elkin Soldier Gets Kangaroo in Australia In the Animal Corner - Oct. 18, 1942 from New York Sunday News Baby Jeepers on the car with Lester Couch Baby Jeepers gets a nibble from Lester Couch Baby Jeepers eating in the yard Baby Jeepers in the yard Baby Jeepers with Dr. Couch Baby Jeepers with Mrs. Couch Baby Jeepers with Coney Couch Jeepers goes to the zoo Jeepers all grown up! Coney Carlyle Couch In Uniform - CPL US Army WW II Bobbi & Coney Crouch wedding photo Coney and Bobbi Couch Dr. and Mrs. Couch in later years Couch children Couch children grownup Couch family homecoming The Rock House in May 1966 Coney and his favorite convertible

The ache for home lives in all of us
the safe place where we can go as we are
not be questioned.
Maya Angelou

Kudos & Compliments

Though we no longer serve food nor opperate as a traditional bed and breakfast and have transitioned to more of a vacation or event rental, we still always enjoy reading the many generous comments from our past guests..

"Deborah, Thank you for having me at dedication of Home Coming. The Home is absolutely beautiful and the food is wonderful. My best to you and Sam and in all your endeavors."
» Congresswoman Virginia Fox

"We have stayed here many times throughout the years. The attention to detail in the historic architecture and unique stone work of the property is only shadowed by the kindness and and warm ambience you feel the moment you arrive. We come as often as we can."
» The Nazreths

"We always stay at bed and breakfasts when we travel. This is by far the nicest we have ever stayed in."
» Shinunn Finn from Tokyo, Japan

"This Place is Awesome!!"
» Kathleen Wagoner, Boonville NC

"Wonderful! Great Service!! Fabulous Company"
» John and Bonnie Lynch, Export PA

"We Really Enjoyed It!! What A Beautiful Place!"
» Sandy James, Seneca, South Carolina

"This Place is Awesome!!"
» Kathleen Wagoner, Boonville NC

I Enjoyed My Stay and I Am Going to Recommend It!
» Lewis C. Forrest, Ayden NC

"We Slept Wonderfully and the Food was Delicious!!"
» Bob and Jane Melody, Columbus GA

"Wonderful Experience! Great Staff, Fabulous Food, Beautiful House and Perfect Package!"
» Charles and Lillian Eugene

"Last year I took my mother on a wine country tour for a couple days after Christmas to celebrate one of her milestone birthdays. There are so many places to visit in the area. I am so glad we stayed at the Homecoming House. The house was really decked out for the holidays which gave us lots of neat photo opportunities. All the bathrooms and facilities were super clean. Each bedroom had a unique charm and my bed and blankets were very comfortable. There was so much food for breakfast too and it was all delicious. At night, we were able to lounge around in the parlor and even store our leftovers in the fridge. I'm a late-night snacker so I appreciate that. Plus, the wi-fi connection was fast and convenient so that was important since I was able to take care of some business at night. I look forward to staying at the Homecoming House again when I come to Elkin. Thank you Deborah and Sam for making our stay so memorable."
» Darrell, Raleigh, NC

In the home, character is formed, integrity is born,
values we live by are made clear
and attitudes are formed that last a lifetime.
'Is your home built on a solid foundation?
Billy Graham

Visits, Reservations, and Events Are Paused while Sam and Deborah, Prayerfully, Lovingly and Carefully, Nurture Each Other and Enjoy Home Coming, Their Private Home For a Time.

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"Home - where each lives for the other and all live for God"

ADDRESS: 608 North Bridge Street, Elkin, NC 28621

PHONE: 336-526-7772


608 North Bridge Street, Elkin, NC 28621