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Long ago when North Bridge was a one lane dirt street a young couple bought land a what was then the very Northern end of Elkin, a place that was considered at that time to be an almost remote country location. The time is…1923... A successful young dentist and his wife planed and dreamed of a wonderful unique home that would be beautiful and stand the test of time. The fruition of their dreams was a classic arts and crafts bungalow made of stone from ….. and unique and exquisite features new to the area and the period and time. Observe the Intricate rock work and with light colors granite jack arches over the windows around the doors, coin corners and roll bands accenting darker stone, the facial gables done in creek stone and the grape vine mortar pattern.

Careful detail, elegant true lines amazing quality for the day.

Learn about the incredible story of Jeepers!

Come Meet Jeepers!

Sleeping comfortably waiting for love appreciation and care, this grand lady captured again the hearts and dreams of another young couple. As Realtors® for the original owners family Sam and Deborah Swift faced a challenge not uncommon for grand old homes, the once quiet end of north bridge street grew to a highly commercialized area with high traffic and high priced commercial land. The home stood on land that was more valuable without the historic dream home. Although Sam and Deborah worked very hard to produce a high price for this unique and historic home and its huge commercial lot the right buyer did not come. The family and the Swift secretly cringed at the thought of the home being destroyed for just another commercial venture. Both prayed for someone to love, protect and restore the home. As time passed the home began to weep for care and necessities something had to happen or it would be too late to save her.

The Swifts and the family had developed a close friendship over the years and spoke honestly and prayerfully with each other about what to do. The family decided that if someone restored the home that they would consider a different arrangement and the family share their ideas ….Sam and Deborah's hearts leap with hope and everyone decided to pray and if it were meant to be the Swifts would borrow the money and buy the home. Still young but becoming successful it was a very scary and hard step …Sam and Deborah had renovated many, many other homes and had already completed a huge seven year restoration of another tired beauty . The Charleston Style Victorian restored to perfection which they enjoy today as their office at 243 North Bridge Street in Elkin.. The Rock house is the largest and one of the most important project Sam and Deborah had ever faced. They understood the challenge and approached the project prayerfully and in October of 1998 Sam and Deborah bought the home and began the loving and careful restoration. The renovation expresses all the love, dedication and careful attention to detail the original owners instilled when this opulent home was built in the spirit of Psalms 145: 14

"The Lord Is Faithful To All His Promises and Loving Towards all He Has Made."

Sam and Deborah Swift Welcome You and Invite You to Share the Realization of a Dream And Project 7 years Long.

We Want to Share This Wonderful Home Coming With You!

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